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Tungsten Tipped Cross Cut Saw Blade
280mm Cut Capacity
Easily transported to your preferred work site
Manufactured in Australia

Towable Bench Saw SBS30 Specifications

Part NumberSBS30
Overall Width1650mm
Overall Length2400mm
Overall Height1350mm
Bench Width1500mm
Cut Capacity280mm
Motor13 Hp Honda
Blade750mm TCT
Towable< 110 Km/h

SAWQUIPTM Towable Bench Saw SBS30

Firewood Bench Saw

When it comes to turning hardwood lengths into ready-to-use firewood, the SBS30 Firewood Bench Saw is your go-to tool. Designed for efficiency, this bench is equipped with a 750mm Australian-made Tungsten-tipped blade that can effortlessly slice through the toughest hardwoods. With a convenient sliding bench set at the perfect working height, this versatile machine makes firewood production a breeze.

Tungsten-Tipped Blade: The SBS30 comes equipped with a formidable 750mm Tungsten-tipped blade, proudly Australian-made, ensuring exceptional cutting power and durability. No matter how challenging the hardwood, this blade will rip through it with ease.

Mobile Convenience: Designed to be towable, the SBS30 can be easily transported to your preferred work site. This mobility means you can bring the saw to the timber, saving you time and effort.

Smooth Sliding Bench: The SBS30 features a smooth-sliding bench that offers a comfortable working height. This ergonomic design ensures ease of use, allowing you to process firewood efficiently without straining your back.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, this bench saw is constructed for durability. It’s tough enough to handle the demands of timber cutting in various conditions, making it a reliable workhorse.

Versatile and Dependable: Whether you’re a seasoned firewood professional or a homeowner looking to prepare for the colder seasons, the SBS30 is your trusted companion. Its versatility and dependability mean you can count on it to deliver high-quality firewood every time.

Concealed Rollers: The SBS30 comes equipped with concealed rollers, a key feature that enhances both safety and efficiency. These concealed rollers ensure that logs and timber pieces effortlessly glide along the bench saw, reducing friction and minimizing the risk of jams.

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• Delivery Australia wide

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Product Suitability

Overall Width


Cut Capacity



13 Hp Honda

Blade Type

750mm TCT



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