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Tungsten Tipped Cross Cut Saw Blade
Fitted with safety rundown check valve
Can be fitted to any excavator with appropriate auxiliary hydraulics
Manufactured in Australia

LogRipper X07 Specifications

Part NumberSWS750
BladeTungsten Tipped 750mm (2'6")
Max Cut285mm
Safety FeaturesSolid Steel Guards
Hydraulic Flow Required30-60 L/Min
Excavator Class1.8 - 3 Tonne
RPM1274 -1401
Weight185 Kg


Excavator Wood Saw

When it comes to handling tough tasks like firewood cutting, tree lopping, pruning, and general vegetation management, the LogRipper X07 stands out as your trusted companion. Manufactured with precision and designed for excellence, the LogRipper X07 is the perfect solution for professionals seeking efficiency and performance in the field.

Whether you’re a professional in the forestry or landscaping industry or a landowner with a need for efficient vegetation management, the LogRipper X07 is here to make your life easier. Its ability to handle various cutting tasks with precision and power, combined with its rugged construction, makes it the ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their productivity.

Versatile Mounting Options: The LogRipper X07 is adaptable and can be easily mounted on excavators, skid steers and backhoes providing you with the flexibility to tackle a wide range of projects. This versatility ensures flexibility regardless of your machine.

Precision Cutting: Our Australian-made LogRipper X07 is engineered to deliver precise and powerful cutting performance, ensuring that you get the job done quickly and efficiently, no matter the task.

Built for Australian Conditions: Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, the LogRipper X07 is built to withstand the harshest Australian conditions. It can handle rugged terrains, tough wood varieties, and demanding workloads with ease.

Enhanced Safety: The LogRipper X07 features robust safety measures to protect operators and ensure smooth operation, including easy controls, sturdy guarding and plug and play fittings.

Unmatched Reliability: When you invest in the LogRipper X07, you’re investing in a tool that’s known for its durability and longevity. It’s a reliable partner that will keep your projects on track for years to come.

• Hitch adaptor to suit skid steers, excavators and backhoes
• Optional Extended Log Arm hitch to help manoeuvre logs

• Extended Log Arm Hitch

• Delivery Australia wide

• Please contact us for delivery cost and lead times

Product Suitability

Blade Width


Overall Width


Cut Capacity


Flow Range


Blade Type

Tungsten Tipped

Excavator Size

1.8T – 3T

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